About Briah

Briah Artemis Taubman, a 24-year-old graduate of Parsons School of Design, exhibits an intriguing blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary fashion innovation.

Her eponymous label Briah Artemis draws inspiration from the mythological goddess of the hunt, who simultaneously embodies wild nature and the sportswoman’s ideal. A painter trained in emulating impressionism artists, her exploration of color theory, art history, and gender politics permeate her knitwear with a visual excitement that contains a rich array of references. Meant to be felt and worn, she invites a humorous and playful approach to her fashion. While working on Briah Artemis, she balances freelance work as a stylist and knitwear consultant.

Briah Artemis has just released SS24 and is slowly working towards pre-order production. For the time being, garments of both collections are available to pull on request!

Briah- Artemis